First Mortgages 

GPOFCU offers you a full range of mortgage solutions through our partnership with Credit Union Mortgage Association (CUMA)‚ a full-service mortgage company owned by credit unions and dedicated to serving credit union members.

For purchasing or refinancing a home‚ we offer both fixed and adjustable rate first mortgages for up to 30-year terms. CUMA mortgage specialists will advise you on the various mortgage loan products‚ get you the most competitive interest rate‚ and make sure you are aware of special programs like rebates‚ pre-qualification‚ and first-time homebuyers.

Find the right mortgage for you!

We can provide an overall view of the mortgage and home buying process and determine which mortgage best fits your needs‚ plus a hassle-free online application process that reduces paperwork. Learn more today.

Interest rates on mortgages offered through CUMA are highly competitive.

Check Rates/Programs/Loan Cost Disclosure: You can quickly and easily obtain a Loan Cost Disclosure. Our system is programmed to deliver an estimate specific to your transaction (purchase vs. refinance‚ specific state‚ county‚ etc.).

Pre-Qualify: Access to simple mortgage calculators helps you pre-qualify for a mortgage. This is NOT a pre-approval and no credit reports are obtained; it is just a quick and easy prequalification tool.

Apply online or call a mortgage representative at 703-667-9274.