Personal Loans 

Share Secured Loan

For a guaranteed loan at one of the lowest rates‚ borrowing against your savings is the smart way to go. Pledge any amount of your Savings or Share Certificate as collateral; maximum loan is the amount of your deposit being pledged.

Signature Loan

Apply for a personal‚ unsecured Signature Loan to borrow up to $25‚000 for any term up to 60 months. Consolidate bills‚ pay education expenses‚ take that great vacation or for any other reason you may need extra cash. Set up your payment by payroll deduction/direct deposit for on-time payments.

Line of Credit

An open-ended‚ unsecured Line of Credit can be a valuable tool in your overall financial management strategy. Any time you need extra cash at low rates‚ money is available up to your predetermined credit line. A Line of Credit can be used as overdraft protection on your GPOFCU checking account.

  • Credit limits of up to $25‚000 are available to qualified applicants

  • Minimum monthly payment is 3% of the outstanding balance

Fresh Start Emergency/Hardship Loan

Apply for GPOFCU’s personal‚ unsecured short-term loan for approved emergency hardships. No credit check is required to borrow up to $2‚000 for 12 months at 18% APR (annual percentage rate). You’ll build savings while borrowing: 10% of your loan payment will be placed in a Savings Generator Account‚ accessible at loan payoff. An active GPOFCU account for 90+ days and proof of income to repay loan are required to apply.