Who Can Join

The Government Printing Office Federal Credit Union (GPOFCU) is a full-service financial institution. We look forward to serving you and your family with all of the services you expect from your primary banking institution.

If you are eligible for membership, please contact GPOFCU at 202-512-1067 to request an account application, or visit us in person.

You Can Join GPOFCU

  • If you live, work, or attend school or church in the areas of Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and most areas of Northwest Washington, DC, or

  • If your family or a household member is already a GPOFCU member, or

  • If employed by or retired from GPO or one of our employer groups that sponsors GPOFCU membership as an employee/family benefit.

  • If you are an employer and wish to offer GPOFCU as an employee benefit, please fill out our Sponsor Group information sheet.

Membership FAQs

I already belong to another credit union. Can I still join GPOFCU?
Yes, you may have multiple financial credit union/bank accounts. You can join GPOFCU if you are eligible for membership.

What is a “Share Savings Account" and why is it required?
GPOFCU’s lifetime membership begins with your $10 deposit into a Share Savings Account. This separate $10 deposit represents your one share in the ownership of your credit union and is a requirement for membership.

What documents do I need to open a GPOFCU account?

  • Current Government-issued photo ID (state driver’s license or ID card, passport, military ID)

  • Proof of address, if your ID address is not current (ex: utility bill in your name, original bank statement w/in 3 months, copy of current lease or landlord’s letter of residence, DMV change of address form)

Once I join, how long do I have to wait to apply for a checking account, loan or a credit card?
You can apply for a (Share Draft) Checking Account, Credit Card or Loan at the same time you join. There is no waiting period.

If I change jobs, retire, move or graduate, can I still use GPOFCU?
Yes, you're a member for life as long as you keep your accounts active and in good standing. Just contact us if your situation changes and we can advise you of the many ways to use your credit union wherever you are.