Visa Credit Card


0% intro apr* for 6 months on all new visa credit cards! apply through december 31, 2019.

  • No annual fee or balance transfer fee; foreign transaction fees may apply

  • Low 9.90% APR fixed rate

  • 25 day grace period on all purchases

  • Visa Account Access for online statements and bill payment

*APR = annual percentage rate. 0% intro rate on new purchases and balance transfers effective for 6 months from card approval date. Offer applies to online applications received through December 31, 2019. Regular 9.90% APR effective after 6 months on balance and new purchases. Offer does not apply to existing GPOFCU Visa credit cards. Not all applicants may qualify.

Our Visa Credit Cards Come with an EMV Chip

With your security as our top priority‚ GPOFCU Visa credit cards feature advanced EMV micro-chip technology with enhanced fraud protection. Also called chip cards or EMV cards — which stands for Europay‚ Mastercard® and Visa® — your credit card reduces the risk of your cardholder data being compromised or fraudulently copied.

To use your Visa credit card with EMV chip:

  1. Insert your card into a chip-enabled terminal at point of sale.

  2. Sign to verify your purchase.

  3. Remove your card when prompted to complete your credit card transaction.

  4. Your card still has a magnetic strip on the back so you can swipe to make purchases at retailers who do not yet have EMV chip-enabled terminals.

Fresh Start Secured Visa Credit Card

Build or Rebuild Your Good Credit

With a Fresh Start Secured Visa Credit Card and on-time payments‚ building good credit and improving your credit score is possible. No credit check is required to apply.

  • Your credit limit is secured by a minimum deposit of $250.

  • An automatic payment source or payroll deduction is preferred.

  • Your monthly payment status will be reported to the Credit Bureaus‚ with the goal of building a positive payment record and credit history.

  • Members over 18 years old may apply.

Call us today at 202-512-1067 to get a fresh start on building good credit!