Schedule of Fees

Effective July 1‚ 2018

ATM Fees

Service Fee
Non-proprietary ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee (after 4 each month) $1.00 per transaction
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (after 4 each month) $0.75 per inquiry
ATM Declined Transaction Fee (after 4 each month) $0.75 per transaction
ATM Card & PIN Replacement Fee $5.00

Share Draft Checking Fees

Service Fee
Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee $32.00 per item
Overdraft Fee — Overdraft Privilege/Courtesy Pay $32.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee — Share draft or ACH $15.00 per item
Share Draft Copy Fee $3.00
Online Share Draft Copy FREE
Share Draft (Checks) Printing Fee First Box FREE
Check Cashing Fee/Non-member $5.00 per check

VISA® Fees

Service Fee
Returned Check Fee $32.00 per item
Over Limit Fee $20.00
Late Fee $20.00
Lost/Stolen Card Replacement Fee $5.00
VISA Gift Card Fee $3.00 per card

Other Fees

Service Fee
ACH NSF Fee (debit) $32.00 per item
Account Closed within 6 months of opening $5.00
Address Search (bad address fee — every 6 months) $10.00/month after 6 months
Account Reconciliation/Research Fee $15.00 per hour
Electronic Bill Payment FREE
Excessive Money Market Transfer/Withdrawal Fee (more than 3 per month) $5.00 per withdrawal
Excessive Savings Withdrawal Fee (after 4 from teller each month) $5.00 per withdrawal
Excessive Savings Transfer/Withdrawal Fee (more than 6 per month) $2.00 per withdrawal
Holiday Loan $50.00 per loan
Inactive Account — No Activity in 12 months $5.00 per month
Money Order Fee $1.50 per item
Official Checks (3rd Party/Cashier’s) $2.00 per item
Online Account History Fee FREE
Returned Check Fee $32.00 per item
Statement Copy Fee/Account History Printout $5.00 per month
Western Union Fee $15.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing Domestic) $15.00 per wire
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing International) $30.00 per wire
Writ of Attachment/Tax Levy Fee $50.00